Our Goals

The Research Understanding Behaviors in Computing Subfields (RUBICS) laboratory aspires to broaden participation in computing and aims to develop inclusive practices and environments. Our research draws on methods from the fields of human-computer interaction, data science, education, and the social sciences.

Our Research

Through our research and collaborations, we seek to develop and assess technology and approaches that can enhance learning outcomes, empower individuals in computing, and help prepare future generations in the field. Our current work and projects are centered around the following topics:


Professional and TecHnical development

Students’ pathways to job attainment; Creation and assessment of digital tools to cultivate professional and technical competencies and enhance technical interview preparation


Computing Touchpoints, access points, and Experiences

Exploration of the computing access points, touchpoints, and experiences that offer engagement with the discipline (e.g., participation in hackathons or bootcamps)


ethical considerations in computer science

Raise awareness and promote consideration of ethical issues in data use and storage, system design, development, and deployment (e.g., algorithmic accountability)

Who are we?

The RUBICS laboratory is led by Dr. Stephanie Lunn.

We are a group of researchers, computer scientists, designers, and engineers.


    Stephanie Lunn, PhD
    Assistant Professor


    +1 (305) 348-5274


    College of Engineering and Computing
    Florida International University
    10555 W Flagler Street, EC 2657
    Miami, FL 33174